Helios [C++20 DirectX12 renderer]

DirectX12 Graphics renderer featuring rendering techniques such as PBR / IBL, Shadow Mapping, Deferred Shading, etc.

serenity-engine [C++, DirectX12, Lua]

A work in progress game engine using C++, DirectX12 and Lua for scripting

voxel-engine [C++ DirectX12 voxel engine]

A simple voxel engine made using DirectX12 and C++

cuda-raytracer [Nvidia CUDA, C++]

A simple real time ray tracer using Nvidia CUDA and C++.

Flocking Boids Simulation (Cuda C++)

A simple flocking boids simulation done using C++ and Cuda.

Stereo Depth Estimation [Python OpenCV2 | C++ DirectX11]

Estimation of depth map given stereo images and camera calibration parameters.

Compute Path Tracer [C++ DirectX11]

A simple compute shader based path tracer using HLSL and Direct3D.