Hey there ! I’m Tarun Ramaswamy, a recent graduate in Computer Science and Engineering student from India. I’m passionate about C++ development, graphics programming / computer graphics (specifically real time rendering), low level programming and everything CS. I enjoy learning about computer graphics, low level programming, linear algebra, computer vision, and data structures and algorithms. If you want to reach out to me, feel free to contact me at tarunramaswamy ‘at’ outlook ‘dot’ com, or via my linkedin. You can check out my projects on github or on the Projects section on top of the page 😄

Technical Skills:

  • Languages : C++20/17, C, HLSL, Python 3, x86 Assembly, Bash

  • API’s / Libraries : DirectX12, DirectX11, Nvidia CUDA, Win32, Tensorflow

  • Development Tools : Renderdoc, Nvidia Nsight, Visual Studio, Git, Github, Premake, CMake, Linux, AWS, Azure DevOps.